I chose Southwest Smiles because of the high technology that they offered, a clean environment, knowledgeable staff and most of all the comforting reassurance I felt when I called in and read online. I went in and received a complete exam and cleaning and was very happy with the service I received! I was initially dreading the appointment as I have anxiety with Dentist appointments but knew I had issues that needed to be addressed. I left the appointment in no pain, not being anxious and happy with nice clean teeth. I would give Southwest Smiles a 10 out of 10! Extremely helpful staff and the most Gentle Understanding Dentist. If you have any anxieties about dental work, this is the place to visit. Very clean clinic with new technology.

Dawn Palmer

I have a very high anxiety level when it comes to dental work due to past experiences, and the fact that I disliked my teeth so much that I avoided smiling whenever possible. So I do have to give HUGE thanks to the staff and especially Dr. Susoeff for taking the time to listen and to make sure I was completely comfortable! A major factor in encouraging me to choose Southwest Smiles. I came in for a cleaning and WOW! Best cleaning I've ever had! We addressed my "smiling" issues and I walked out with beautiful veneers! I now catch myself smiling at just about everything! I am so happy with the service they provided. Dr. Susoeff is amazing for not only your oral health, but your self esteem as well!! I can't thank him enough! I would recommend Southwest Smiles everytime anyone asks about Dentists! I would tell them to not fear going to the dentist. Dr. Susoeff is very gentle and compassionate! His staff are extremely friendly and accommodating! 10 out of 10!!! Simply put, there is no improvement needed as far as I'm concerned!

Loree Dawson

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